DNA Data Storage

As our everyday wants and needs see us increasingly reaching for tech, the days of DNA data storage may not be as far in the future as we think. With the number of internet users growing by around one million per day by 2025 data centres (mega-store sized hubs which hold everything


Don’t want to miss a deal? More than 20 million residential and business customers could be losing out when it comes to their broadband bundles, states Ofcom during latest regulations crackdown. Suppliers have until 15th February 2020 to enforce a new notification system to help protect consumers. With a number


By nature, cryptocurrency may seem more secure than their physical counterparts. But as more servers are hijacked by hackers looking to mine their money for free what can you do to protect what’s in your pocket. Since its first transaction in 2009, Bitcoin has slowly captured the attention of more

The Hypocrisy of Huawei

Over recent weeks tech company Huawei has come under fire from the UK, US and others for breaching various data security measures. But there’s a level of hypocrisy of Huawei and their punishment. So, does this mean that the UK has forgotten about what was revealed by Snowden’s National Security