What are partners?

Partners are other companies who’ve negotiated a transactional relationship with us, often long-term customers of ours who are looking to benefit from their business with us.

What are agents?

Agents are independent contractors, with whom we have a purely working relationship. They advertise and sell our products using our system, for their own profit.

What are introducers?

Introducers are the likes of business consultants and others who don’t need who use our services regularly themselves but have clients who may.

Perks of Partnering

Deals on future bundles

Entry into prize drawers

…and many more!


Become A Partner

Loving our services and have clients who would too? Simply contact us for more information on becoming a partner.

Become An Agent

If you’re a natural-born salesman and have always wanted to work for yourself, why not look into becoming a QNet agent? Work where you want, when you want to earn as much as you want. Contact us for more information.

Become An Introducer

Are you a consultant with clients looking for complete communications solutions? Then becoming an introducer for QNet could benefit both you and those you work with. Contact us for more information.